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TOP TEN Salsa Classics

This is just a small selection of salsa songs that have marked the history of Salsa…songs that I grew up with and that developed my love for this wonderful music genre. I could not possibly list them in order of preference as I like them all but also there are so many others that I love that I have left out, but at least this is a starter for 10:

1 - El Cantante by Hector Lavoe

Composed by Ruben Blades and interpreted by Hector Lavoe from the album “Comedia” launched in 1975

2 - Lloraras by Dimension Latina

Interpreted by Venezuela’s most famous salsa singer Oscar De Leon and it is taken from the album called “Dimension Latina 75” launched in 1975

3 - Pedro Navaja by Ruben Blades

In collaboration with Willie Colon from the album “Siembra” launched in 1978. This song was inspired by the track Mack the knife. A movie was also made in Mexico in 1984 based on the story of this song

4 - Sonido Bestial by Richie Ray & Bobby Cruz

Most famous track from the album “El Bestial Sonido de Ricardo Ray y Bobby Cruz” which included classical music as a new element into salsa – leading Richie Ray to become known as a prodigious pianist. The album was released in 1971

5 - Idilio by Willie Colon

The original version dates back to 1954 by Cuban singer Laito y su Sonora. Willie’s version was released in 1993 in the album “Hecho en Puerto Rico”

6 - Lluvia interpreted by Gilberto Santa Rosa

Composed by Willie Rosario for the album “Nuevos Horizontes” released in 1984

7 - Te conozco bien by Marc Anthony

From his second album called “Todo a su tiempo” in 1995. This was Marc’s first number-one single on the Billboard Tropical chart and it spent 8 weeks on top of the chart

8 - Brujeria by El Gran Combo

This track is from the album “Aqui no se sienta nadie” in 1979. El Gran Combo has over 55 years of history and is also known as the University of Salsa where a high number of musicians and singers have developed their careers.

9 - El Nazareno by Ismael Rivera

AKA “Maelo”. This track is from the album “Traigo de Todo” released in 1974.

10 - Mala Mujer by Sonora Matancera

Interpreted by Jorge Maldonado Fuentes in 1978. This guaracha track (with very controversial lyrics) continues to be quite popular in the salsa scene to this day.

Feel free to add your comments with your all-time salsa favourites.

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